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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 1, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are expect to go see a very significant drop on that thermometer, as we head forward in the forecast, in addition to that, yep, some snow and sleet return, as women, so all of the details and time it all out for you coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie. we have little bit after situation out on the vine street expressway. an accident is really taking out the eastbound lanes right there. headed toward 95, you can see shall everybody pushed on over to the left-hand side. we check in with few house fires, and some of those local detours in just a couple of minutes, diane, a ukee, good morning. >> thanks so much. good morning. the search continues for missing west chester university student shane montgomery. and now, federal investigators are on the case. >> that's right. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live manayunk for us this morning, where the 21 year old student was last seen in the early morning hours of thanksgiving day. justin, good morning. >> good morning, yes, that's right. and the fbi in this case could be a game changer bringing with him their expertise.
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resources and manpower in this investigation. now, the search will continue by police, as well as volunteers, as the fbi gets involved as well. now, that search most recently brought crews here, to the manayunk canal, where just yesterday the philadelphia police marine unit combed those waters looking for any signs of shane montgomery at the end of the day, they found no signs of the 21 year old west chester university student. and now, as we have reported, the fbi is bringing their resources to this investigation, the initial search though was launched by family, friends, and volunteers, many of whom did not even know shane montgomery, now, shane was last seen at killdare's irish pub off main street here in manayunk. he was there with family, friends, celebrating just turning 21 years old, but he was asked to leave after knocking over a bar stool by a bouncer, now, friend, who were there with shane, say, that he did not appear drunk, when he left. and shane's mother, was here
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yesterday for hours, as police searched canal, she said that search was very hard for her to watch. >> it is upsetting to know that this is what they have to do. but it is also -- i can't express my gratitude to the police department, and anybody that's been helped with the search. >> the search this morning could very well expands to the nearby schuylkill. rewards for any credible information in this case has now expanded to $15,000. shane montgomery, five-11, 135 pounds, with green eyes, with a tatoo of a keltic cross going across his back, live in manayunk, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, justin. man beaten and blind sided by a group of teenagers in south philly, it is a "eyewitness news" exclusive. the victim says he parked his
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van near 20th and oregon street saturday night. he got out but forgot his wallet and had to turn back. that's when he says the group charged at him, pink him down on the sidewalk, and beating him. now, police hope surveillance video captured the attack and the suspects. the unidentified man describes his frightening experience. >> just bumm rush me. hit me, stomped mere, kick me in my head. trying to protect myself. i was trying to stay alive. i was doing the best to protect myself. >> a passing by stands err was able to scare off the crowd. he did suffer minor injuries. 5:33, here is your traffic and weather together. morning, kade. >> i good morning shall everybody, well, today is a very big shopping day for on-line shoppers. bumm this is actually going to ends up being the mildest day we see of the next seven. so if you can make the excuse, to get outside at least later on today, at some point, enjoy this while you have got it, it is a single day, worth some mild air before we see the temperatures go on another roller coaster. so woe take you out there. showing you storm scan3,
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remains pretty quiet at this point, offer to the west though tracking the combination of our next cold front. which doesn't have a ton of moisture with it, but it is going to make up for that by bringing in some much colder air. now, currently it is chilly. flirting with freezing, out at pleasant valley middle school here, i believe it is the high school actually, broad heads ville, but still see some snow on the gown, that's obviously in some of the northern most suburbs, looking at some of the current area temperatures, it depends on your cloud cover. but nice and clear, temperatures had a chance to drop off easily to the 30's, allentown, 49 at the airport, still in the low and even mid 50's at this hour, through atlantic city and wildwood. probably going to be bottoming out over the course of the next hour just as the sun is about ready to pop over the horizon. moving forward, though, off this mild after start, it can only bode well down the road here, toward the tail end of the day. we expect that temperatures to easily hit or at least flirt with 60 degrees. far above average. by about 10 degrees or so. so we will take what we can get while we can get it even if it means dealing with
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clouds and shower here and there from the next front on the move. real quick check on the area headlights for you. temperatures will be going on swing throughout the course of the week. and because of that, by tomorrow, we are being interesting some wintery weather. yep, some snow, some sleet, we will just sort of time it all out, tell you exactly how much you need to expect too all coming up a little later in the show. jess, over to you for now. >> thank you, nice to be pleasantly surprised when you wake up in the morning, isn't it, walking out the door, and thinking it is freezing, not perfect. thank you. 5:35, we go outside right now and check out how the vine street expressway is doing where an accident has been taking out the eastbound lanes. you can see, not doing too well. over on the right-hand side, actually westbound headed toward the schuylkill. the eastbound lanes completely jammed up with a accident. you can see loft police activity, firetrucks on the scene, that's pushed over into the left hand lane, part of that, everyone squeezing by, squeezing bias they head eastbound toward 95.
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>> so 95 at broad, everything moving nicely there so far. no delays in the south or northbound lanes, in or out of the city, and out in germantown, cult coulter street closed due to investigation for that and fire police on the scene there due to that house fire at germantown avenue. your alternate for the time being is just to take church lane to get around. now, middle park drive completely closed due to another house fire at long champ drive. at in a to that to get around just to take beck road. ukee, diana, back to you. >> thanks so much. your time 5:36. in business news this morning, prospects of cheap gas getting cheaper. >> and cyber monday, when shopping moves from the malls to the mouse. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning, ukee, diane a worker productivity could go down a bit today. cyber monday biggest on line shopping day of the year. retailers offering some deep discounts and about 127 million shoppers plan to go on line according to the national retail association,
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it is down, though, slightly from last year. the "black friday" shopping weekends, could be losing its appeal. according to estimates by the national retail federation, spending fell by 11% from 2013. part of the reason, retailers are offering deals days even weeks before the holiday weekend. >> possibly one of the best gifts this holiday season, cheap gas. triple a says drivers in some parts of this country could see prices as low as $2 a gallon. just in time for christmas. this comes after opek decided not to cut production. here on wall street, stocks opened in record territory after shortened trading day on friday. dow gained about half point. it was enough, though, to close at another record high, the nasdaq added four points. and girl scout cookies are going high tech, for the first time ever, girl scouts will be allowed to sell cookies on line or using an app. each scout can set up her own
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cookie website. customers can buy cookies using credit cards, and then they can get shipped straight to their house. too easy, i think, and a little dangerous, ukee, diane? >> oh, my. >> i think that sounds like a lot of trouble actually. >> bee nut nutter about shows up on my front door, i'm happy, no matter how we get it. thanks, jill. hero's women column foreman whose service to his country is unmatched. the warriors watch riders joined philadelphia police to escort doctor george bikehill to the german society on spring garden street. he received token of appreciation before concert in his honor. doctor bikehill prisoner of war during world war ii. the that's just part of his story. >> he was declared killed in action, and eight months later he showed up at his parents' home and said i'm still alive. and he got the purple heart, and he was not finished with serving. he went back and worked on the
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manhattan project, hemmed develop the adam bomb. >> after the war he taught chemistry at st. joe's for 50 years. it wasn't until he reached his 90s that his daughter contacted the veterans group to ensure they new her father's story. >> how about that? our time 5:39. actor pulls off remarkable transformation with his body. >> do you even recognize that beefed up star? well, we have word on who that is, and how he got so ripped. >> also, we're taking you behind the scenes of amazon's cyber monday operations. meet the army of robots making sure you get your packages on time. now while you are shopping for gifts, we would love to remind that you you can help make the holidays bright for un privileged children. our "joy of sharing" campaign is now underway. just buy a new unwrapped toy, and bring it to one of our drop-off locations, for a list of locations, go to or call 215977
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or text the word joy to 41444. we have made a lot of families and children feel so good, during the holidays. won't you help? we'll be right back.
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>> expected firebombing at a house in germantown. authorities investigating if it stems between dispute between two teen girls, all eight people in the houseman and dollars to escape. and the fbi has joined the search for missing west chester university student, police combed through the manayunk canal in search for shane montgomery. he vanished early thursday, after leaving a bar. >> and today's cyber monday, biggest on line shopping day of the year. you are looking live, at the fulfillment center in middletown, delaware, research firm come score expects people to spends about two and a half billion dollars. >> ♪ welshing congratulations is the words for one reality tv star. >> former jersey shore star nicole spooky officially tied the knot with gionni. great got pi themed wedding took place in east hanover, new jersey, over the weekend. gotten guage in the 2012, have
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two children together, ages two and two months. >> now, take a lock at this transformation. jake bulked up big time gaining 15 pounds of muscle for his role as professional boxer billy hope in the upcoming movie south fall. variety reports the 33 year old actor worked out six hours a day, for six month. this comes right after jill enhalos 25 pounds, for his role in night crawlers. wow. it is due out in theatres next spring. >> speaking of movies, the hunger games mocking j part one remains at the top of the box office for the second weekends in a row. the third installment of the series brought in almost $57 million over the three day holiday weekend. penguins of madagascar came in second earning more than $25 million during its opening weekend. and big hero six of in stellar and horrible bosses rounds out the top five. >> well the time now is 5:43.
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it is time for traffic and weather together. >> good morning, diana, good morning, everybody, we check in with the eyewitness weather watcher network. a lot of reports from that you it is very mild where you are. we'll start things off smack dab in the center, where ron russell sent in 51 degrees in riverside, new jersey, definately some cloud cover out there. fifty-one, i thought i hit that one. let's try that one. ed connor, wanted to show you one of the new ones out there, 51 degrees in burlington, new jersey, right across the river there. and he also said temperature has fallen slightly, humidity risen since he walked his dog at 4:00 this morning. let's go little further south here into delaware. forty-six the temperatures sent in from gonadal. just real knit last 20, 24 minutes or so. he's got some clouds. but again everybody really off to nice mild start. touch mitch hell great comment, warm morning to start the day, with nice light southwest winds. now, that said, warm start, warm finish, as a result, we can only go up from here. we take you back in time, though, look at the month of november. in review, it was pretty mild
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month, all things considered, when you are talking about temperatures into the 70s, but tech neckly, we were 2.4 degrees below average, that's quite a big number when talking averages here. precipitation, well, you might have been able to expect. >> this we were above average. we had couple of different rain events that brought in some pretty soaking conditions. lowest temperature, 20 degrees. it is classic november. you can get some very significant swings on the thermometer, and with the pattern. meanwhile, we go next to storm scan3, our pat learn bring a lot of swings with it, too, mainly bunch of fronts that pull through. notice, it is just brinking in some showers, and that is all do you have worry about here today. eventually that's going to drop south, and then lift back north, as a warmfront tomorrow. but it is a warmfront that doesn't really live to up its name initially. look at this, not only are you seeing the temperatures drop off solid 20 degrees from one day to the next, but we also see wintery mix, of some rain, some snow, some sleet, don't worry about much accumulation, if any, out of this.
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we may start off with some snowflakes in philly but i don't think that you will be looking attack lakes out of it, and really, do you want to keep the umbrella more than anything, big nuisance for travelers. and then we take a look ahead here. sort of just going on the uphill-downhill drop here. sort of every other day bridges another drop on the thermometer. by the weekends some additional showers in the forecast, so, that's little on the unsettled side to say the least for us. today the mildest of the pack enjoy while you have got t jess, over to you. >> good way to start a monday. good morning, everybody. 5:46. we go outside and check out the vine st. expressway, where an accident you can see some fire police actually possibly exiting right now, where they are blocking two left hand lanes on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway. so headed toward 95, where you are going to see some of the back up and delay due to accident right here. everyone's squeezing on by to the right-hand side. now, over on the ben franklin bridge, everything going great so far. so from the jersey side, from the toll plaza headed westbound into the city everything moving along great. if you are trying to get from jersey to jersey from philadelphia, you should no
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problem doing so there as well. now over in germantown to update the breaking news, coulter street completely closed at germantown avenue. due to that house fire, fire police on the scene church lane your alternate. mill park drive closed at long champ drive. another house fire montgomery county alternate to get around that is to take beck road. everything unless new jersey looking great. forty-two, 55, 295, not having any problems in the north or southbound side. but, don't forget, when you are on the road, you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new your drive app. download the app for iphone and android by going to drive. >> happening today, logging on for mega deals, shoppers turn to their computer and smart device toss grab cyber monday specials. >> inch controlled behind the scenes look behind the amazon warehouse in delaware. amazon has ruled cyber monday sales, last year, sold
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37 million items on that day. nearly 500 per second. it takes a mega operation to showings you 80,000 seasonal workers get an extra hands from thousands of robots inside warehouses just like this. >> at this fulfillment center in tracey, california, more than 3,000 of them crews the warehouse floors. >> little orange robot goes out, brings it back in time for the person to pick the item out to go in the culls tomorrow err shipment. >> before the row both, the workers used to walk the warehouse aisles picking up the items. now they stay on these platforms, the robots bring the shelves and items directly to them. they go lift to up 350 pawn. they have motion censors, and can travel three to 4 miles per hour.
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amazon said the small footprint atlas to squeeze in 50% more inventor my the warehouse, also improved efficiency by 20%. the process at an amazon full i amment center starts when products arrive by the truckload. >> in the generation fullmentment center, a owes agents taking products off the carts, putting them on to the that's are moved by robots. >> then the way to retrieve the item when someone place as order f, there items are hand picket, and whisk away on miles of conveyor belt, to be sorted, packed and shipped. while some may worry about taking jobs away from humans, amazon insists that's not the intention. >> focus is about helping people do their jobs, not replacing people. >> so far tim of the ooh a.m. son full i amment centers have integrated the robots. in tracey california, kara tsuboi,, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i was concerned about that helping people do their jobs, not replacing them.
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that's amazing. >> incredible what they do. >> absolutely. >> before you walk out the door, katie talking about little snow sometime this week. >> man makes a valuable discovery after buying this at an auction. hidden treasure inside. first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. if you're like me, there's nothing you enjoy more than hopping up on a couch, destroying a few pillows and chewing on a good shoe.
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so this new nest dropcam... is a serious buzzkill. it's always watching so people can keep an eye on me when they're away. and even chime in with their inane reprimands. "henry, off! bad boy!" who's to say who's a bad boy and who's not. seems so subjective if you ask me. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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>> excite something building for the worlds meeting of families. now for the first time, we're hearing the official hymn for the gathering. >> ♪ >> it was sung during packed mass last night at the
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cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul, first mass celebrated by archbishop clap ooh since pope francis confirmed he'll come to philadelphia in september. well, it is 5:53, and time now for traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. today will end up being very mild day for the standards. we are still going to see some clouds out there, very limited sunshine, probably also a shower along the way. pretty obvious. latest coal front starting to cross n it is a cold front that's really going to live to up its name. how much, it doesn't bring a heck of a lot of moisture. so again, just shower today. look at the temperatures, though, already off to nice mild start in many locations, 50 degrees in dover, 54 in wildwood, and we are easily expect to go at least flirt with if not reach 60 degrees, in many spots here today. with more clouds than anything, but as i mention, could you see shower here and there. tomorrow, that same cold front, lift back in from the south, and it will bring us wintery mix of some rain, some snow, perhaps some sleet, so big nuisance, but i don't think do you have worry about
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accumulations thankfully. jess, over to you. >> thank you, we have chopper three outside, live over top of an accident, scene, here >> you can see police activity on the scene, fire police, as women, blogging out left-hand lane, part of the next lane over, you can see everyone kind of squeezing on by to the right-hand side. as there is a lot of back up behind the accident, been out there for quite some time. head over to the maps, actually to our next camera here, which is a car fire on the schuylkill expressway around gladwynn. so headed eastbound, thankfully, at least fortunately this is actually pushed off into the right hand shoulder there with police activity on the scene, there, as well trying to get it cleared up and out of the way. stay there, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> small hidden envelope fell out of narrow opening in this desk, inside phil found $127,000 in mature savings bonds. he cracked down the previous owner with some help from the auction house, and returned the bonds t came to much needed surprise. the previous owner sold the items to help pay for his elderly father's care. with a a nice store. >> i that really is. >> why can't that ever happen to me? we'll be right back.
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hard stools, and straining and help people with chronic constipation go more often. don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. >> east colder street in the city germantown section, you can see burn marks on the front door, everyone did get out safely, we're told. investigators believe it stems from a dispute between teenage
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girls over a boy. >> new this morning, someone takes a shot at police in chester township. this was the scene just after midnight around west 12th and angel street. at least one round shot in their direction. no officers were hit, despite extensive search, no sign of the shooter. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, also in the news, this morning, parent every missing west chester university student, are holding onto hope, their son shane montgomery will be found alive. >> justin finch joins us from manayunk, they resume for clues with his disappearance on thanksgiving morning. good morning, justin. >> good morning, ukee, diane, a at this point, now entering day five, search for shane montgomery now involves elements we're in the going to sigh, such as reviewing surveillance video, and talking with witnesses. the


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